Taste the local flora

We often get asked what does your honey taste like? Well it tastes of the nectar they have collected and as our local bees will not fly further than 3 miles in any direction the honey will be made 100% from the flower nectar in that area. Every harvest is unique and will taste different even within the exact same area, sometimes only slightly other times more strikingly. Nowadays we are used to food that has been highly processed and flavoured to appeal to us and taste trends of our time. Honey has been around for millions of years and was never created specifically for the 21st century human palette. Real honey will sometimes be complex in taste with some high flavour notes and other times be more well rounded. In the past humans would probably not have even noticed these complexities as for thousands of years man has enjoyed honeys sweetness as the only source of sugar. Because we don’t blend our honey with other batches, add sugar syrup, colouring or flavouring what your tasting is something truly special, its made by the bees 100% naturally the way they have been making it for millions of years and tastes of what it is made of and only that.

Honey is a precious opportunity to taste something that is truly natural and unadulterated the ways its been for millions of years.