About us

Honey bees are social insects that live in a hive and work for the good of the colony, unfortunately, due to the changes in our environment honey bees need us. Hives in nature live a short and miserable existence.

The value of pollination the bees provide far out ways the value of any honey they produce, that said raw natural honey is not just enjoyable but has many health benefits.

Beekeeping is a mutually beneficial partnership between man and bees. I treat them organically against varroa mites which is the current number one threat to them. I make sure they have a five star dry suitable home, with additional food as required, and in turn I get to keep any excess honey which pays for the upkeep.

I am trying to keep my bees in a more bee beneficial way, leaving some of their honey for them over the winter. Also, I’m introducing native Black British bee into my collection with the intention of moving away from the almost universally used hybrid types of most beekeepers.

Many beekeepers use thick or multiple gloves to protect them from stings, unfortunately with limited ability to feel this heavy handed beekeeping results in many bee deaths. I work gloveless as much as possible often closing a hive having caused the minimum of disruption without any bee deaths.

My honey has nothing added and nothing taken away and is just as the bees make it, filtered of wax, creamed as required and put in clean sterilised jars.

Due to the natural antiseptic properties of honey is has been found to keep indefinitely given the right conditions.

July 2024